Higher Things Videos

These are a collection of video shorts from HigherThings that have great teaching and encouragement for High school and college age folks. Be sure to check back as more will be regularly added.

The Ascension is a BIG DEAL

The Ascension is a big deal. Like, Christmas and Easter big. But no one seems to notice it. Jesus went up into heaven, and is God’s right-hand Man. God’s right hand has a Human in it! God is forever for us now! There is no end of good that God does for us with Jesus right there as our Advocate, Friend, and Defender. He works out everything for your good.

Thomas, Unbelief and the Forgiveness of Sins

Don’t miss the comfort here in the story of Thomas. The God who could condemn us for our unbelief doesn’t. Instead He comes to us in the midst of our fear and doubt, giving peace. And it’s all wrapped in the forgiveness of sins. Those words enliven the very faith to trust that Jesus truly is alive. You are at peace with God, and your sins are forgiven in Christ.

A Christmas Break from the Quarantine (What’s UP? Wednesday)

In a world where everything is falling apart, we have comfort and hope, because “…no words are impossible with God”. God announced to a virgin a reality that changed the universe, an impossible Word that she was with child, a Child born to save. And into our suffering, fear, dread, and loneliness, He says, “I’m going to save you. I’ve sent my Son to save you.”

Is God Punishing Us? (Bad Theology Tuesday)

Doom and gloom rages all around us these days. There’s a lot of law going on. You don’t need to hear that God is judging you, but that there was One who suffered death for you.There was One who was exiled for you, was truly alone, beaten, bruised, mocked, and died for you. And that One went through your death, hell, and fear and overcame them all.


If you can’t go to church and it’s really troubling you, your Father in heaven knows your need. He’s given you His Word, He’s fed you His Supper, He’s baptized you. Trust in your baptism to carry you through this time. If you don’t care that you’re missing church, this is your call to repentance. Use this time to meditate on His Word and prepare to come back when it’s over.

Lent Gone Legalistically Wrong

The decatastrophe of Lent occurs when we make Lent about ourselves — our change, our focusing on God, our doing things differently. We either enslave ourselves to some laws or to what we’re NOT doing (and how that’s so much better). Either way, it’s the Law ditch. Repent of making Lent all about you, and fix your eyes on the suffering and death of Jesus.

How Do We Know That Our Interpretation Is Right?

First, the reason we look to the Scriptures at all is because they’re the inspired Word of God, and they tell us about God — the God who gave up His Son, who died and rose again. Second, what is in the Scriptures centers around the suffering and death of Jesus for us. And third, when we read them, it’s always going to be their proper context(s). Scripture interprets itself.

The Temptation of Jesus is about Jesus For You

The devil doesn’t care about your little, piddly sins. He’ll drag you into them, sure. But that’s not his big concern. The big concern of the devil, the thing that he most wants you NOT to do is believe that Jesus died for your sins. He wants to get you to trust in something other than Jesus. And here, he wants Jesus to be some other god than the One who dies for you.

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