About The St. John's Ladies Evening Guild

The St. John's Ladies Evening Guild is a local society of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League


The LWML Motto:
“Serve the Lord with gladness.” Psalm 100:2
Lutheran Women in Mission reaching out to the needs of all people.

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LWML Mission Statement
The mission of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League is  to
assist each women of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in
affirming her relationship with the Triune God so that she is
enabled to use her gifts in ministry to the people of the world.






LWML Pledge
In fervent gratitude for the Savior’s dying love and His bloodbought
gift of redemption, we dedicate ourselves to Him with all
that we are and have; and in obedience to His call for workers in
the harvest fields, we pledge Him our willing service wherever
and whenever He has need of us. We consecrate to our Savior
our hands to work for Him, our feet to go on His errands, our
voice to sing His praises, our lips to proclaim His redeeming
love, our silver and our gold to extend His Kingdom, our will to
do His will, and every power of our life to the great task of
bringing the lost and the erring into eternal fellowship with Him.
Amen. (Rev. Harry Fricke)



LWML QUIZ: How much do you know about the LWML?


1. What does the acronym LWML stand for?
a. Lutheran Women’s Missionary League
b. Lutheran Women Made Larger
c. Lutherans Who Manufacture Lightbulbs

2. What are “mighty mites”?
a. Powerful little arachnids
b. Coins and currency, accompanied by prayer, that do mighty
    things for the Lord
c. Insect-like organisms including clover, dust, rodent, bird, itch,
    and scabies

3. How are LWML and district officers elected and mission projects
    voted on?
a. By email, twitter, Facebook, and instagram
b. Via conference telephone calls
c. At biennial LWML and District conventions

4. How are mission projects funded?
a. Through corporate donations
b. Through mite box donations
c. Through coins found in sofa cushions

5. Which of these is NOT a committee of the LWML?
b. Christian Life
c. Kitchen/Potlucks

6. Who is a member of the LWML?
a. Any woman who is a communicant member of an LC-MS
b. Lutheran women missionaries in foreign countries
c. Anyone who passes the required test to join

7. When was LWML organized?
a. 1936
b. 1963
c. 1942

8. Where is the home office of LWML?
a. Kansas City
b. St. Louis
c. Farley



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