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The 23rd LWML Bienniel Convention


               JUNE 20-22, 2014


“In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise you Father in heaven.”  Matthew 5:16

The convention began Friday Evening with an inspiring banner processional and the opening worship and communion service.  This is one of my favorite memories from this and previous conventions. 

On Saturday, the convention welcomed President, MO District, Dr. Ray Mirly who spoke about our mission goals, and greetings were issued by MO District LLL Rep., Jim Harms and Lutheran Church Extension Fund Rep., Dennis Klussman.   

Our mission speaker was Patricia Main who grew up on a Cree Reservation in northern Saskatchewan, Canada.  She was raised by parents who observed a blend of traditional First Nation spirituality with Catholic influence.  Her mother had a strong faith and was committed to raising her children in a Christian home.  She and her husband, Rev. Will, who is Sioux, were involved in her community and Lutheran Indian Ministries.  In 2006, they were called by the Lutheran Ministries to be co-directors of the Lutheran Student Ministry at Haskell Indian Nations University at Lawrence, Kansas.  She shared many stories of faith combined with music from a native drum and songs.  The Keynote Speaker was Heidi Breitbarth, who serves as a nationwide speaker for Lutheran Hour Ministries through the Mission U witnessing training group.  Her day-to-day is filled with women’s group Bible study, helping children know the truths of God’s word, traveling, encouraging college runners at Concordia University in Minneapolis, MN and taking care of 2 very active children.  In addition to our speakers, we had 3 bible studies conducted by Rev. Gary Griffin, District Counselor.

The business conducted at the convention was approval of proposed bylaw revisions, report of Young Women Representatives, new society and individual member recognition, adoption of our 2014-2016 Mission Goal of $138,000 and balloting for Mission Proposals (14 of 27 were chosen) and for Officers and Counselor.

Entertainment at the Friday night reception was the Hootin’ Annies. They are a group of 5 women with varied musical backgrounds who met at Hallmark Cards where 4 of the 5 were employed.  They have been performing since 2003 at Bluegrass festivals, clubs and private parties.  The Saturday Banquet entertainment was the BassLine Quartet.  They are a top twenty quartet in the five-state Central States District.  The quartet has been together for two years but has over 75 years of barber-shopping experience.  I was unable to stay for the entertainment each evening but have been assured that it was very good.

The convention ended with our closing worship service.

The following represents the donations gathered at the convention:

                Mission Walk - $5,493

                Mission Fair - $4,673.70

                Hillcrest and Backpack Buddies –               372 paper towels

                                                                                                830 rolls of toilet tissue

                                                                                                1,226 personal care items

                                                                                                $1,790 in Walmart/Sam’s gift cards

                                                                                                $5,322 in personal checks and cash

Friday night offering of $4,067 went to the newly-adopted mission goal of $138,000.
Sunday morning offering of $3,102 went to LUMA (Lutheran Urban Ministries Association).

Ann Spence, Delegate


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